Why Now? Why Edufii?

The Coaching Flow allows you gain access to not one, not two, but three highly experienced golf coaches. John Tillery, Tim Yelverton, and VJ Trolio have partnered with Edufii to bring you unparalleled access to them and their golf expertise direct to your mobile device - anywhere, anytime. They will be sharing with you their extensive wealth of knowledge on all facets of the game through their interactive golf learning community.

From Set Up - To Ball First - To Centeredness of Contact- To Direction - To Curve and Trajectory - This is a flowchart of of sorts to make sure your EFFORT builds the SKILL needed to accomplish the task at hand.

If you're ready to connect like never before and gain access to their exclusive content make sure to join the Team below.

For a limited time only The Coaching Flow is offering access to his Team for only $9.99/month after a 3 day No Credit Card FREE trial. Join below to lock in your spot! 


Why Join?

Golf is the most under coached game in the world.  The days of hours on the practice range, by yourself, with no real purpose is finally over.  Now we are bridging the gap between Private Instruction with us and tournament results.  Finally we are able to be there with you and coach you in this unique way.

We came together to provide a coaching structure so that none of you are every left alone or feel lost..  We want you to know where to go and what task to apply.  We want you to have access to us 24/7.  With this Coaching Platform, alongside the sessions you spend with us privately, you will always be able to go to practice with a PURPOSE.

The Coaching Flow will be diving deep into all facets of the game and the best part is that you'll be able to access it all direct from the course PLUS you'll be a member of the elite community to get your questions answered.

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"VJ's philosophy is to make a player a consistent ball striker throughout the entire year on different turfs and different lies. He's allowed me to play great golf in any condition. I love the process mentality and to see the growth each season." 

-Matt Fast, Web.com Tour Player '17

"VJ has an extensive knowledge of the golf swing, but more importantly knows how to use that knowledge to improve my swing for the long haul and not just the quick fix."

-Jonathan Randolph, PGA Tour Player '17

"John has allowed me to take my game and confidence to new heights because of his knowledge of the game and passion for teaching.  I always acknowledge that through his teachings I went from 336 to 14 in the world ranking, I believe that is enough said for how much he has meant for my career."

-Kevin Kisner, PGA Tour Player

"I have worked with Tim for ten years, and he is very knowledgeable of all aspects of the short game.  He makes things easy to understand and always keeps my game sharp."  -Ally McDonald, LPGA Tour Player                                                                       

About The Coaching Flow Team

V.J. Trolio- V.J. has a plethora of accolades to go with his decades of coaching experience. The list includes: GOLF Magazine Top 100 Instructors in America '14, Golf Digest Best Young Instructors '10,'11,'12, PGA Gulf States Player Development Award '15,'16, PGA Gulf States Section Teacher of The Year '08,'10, and PGA Gulf States Section Junior Golf Leader '11, '13.

John Tillery- John also has many accolades to go along with his long career in golf. He is a Class A PGA Member, PGA Tour Coach, 2015 GA PGA Teacher of the Year, 2015-16 Golf Digest Best Teachers In State, and 2014 North Chapter Teacher of the Year.

Tim Yelverton- Tim is an accomplished coach that works alongside V.J. at Old Waverly Golf Club. He has received such honors as 2015 Gulf States Section Teacher of the Year, Gulf States Section Player Development in '14, '13, 2012 Gulf States Section Junior Golf Leader, and Golf Digest "Best Teachers in State".

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What's Inside?

Videos, Written Documents, and Verbal Explanations

  • We are going through the steps, from set up to hitting it hard.  From putting to bunker play.  Here you will find a clear path to staying on task.  We will keep it simple and to the point.  

Less Guessing and More Direct Coaching

  • When you are with us we build your technical and skill build plans.  While you are with us we associate the changes in your technique to Tasks.  We know it can be difficult when you are out on your own.  Here we will be able to give you tasks at a beginner, novice, and advanced level.  So whether you are a high handicap player or a professional the appropriate task will be here for you at your own unique level.  

Your Instructor and Other Instructors At Your Disposal

  • This is clearly dedicated to each of you.  We want to be here to encourage you and to motivate you to stay on task.  We want the tasks to push you to build your technical skills away from the driving range.  We want you to practice with external cues and allow the failure or progression through the tasks to push you to build the body motions and technique that we encourage you to do during our private hourly lessons.

24/7 Interaction

  • All of us get text and emails about the golf swing which is great.  We enjoy seeing your progress.  We also know the importance of a player being able to understand “their own” unique swing and having the ability to “own” the fix and associations to it.  Here you will find it.

Insider's Look Into What Top Level Players Do

  • Over time you will see the very best doing many of the same tasks we have set forth here.  You will here their own unique way of “thinking about it” and their own unique ways of “associating the feel of accomplishing the task” to building confidence when they are playing for a bunch of money in front of a bunch of people.

Why Edufii...


What is Edufii?

Edufii, a dynamic sports and learning technology company, is transforming coaching and the learning journey with the ultimate training portal for athletes, their coaches and their support network. With 24x7 web and mobile access, the Edufii digital platform provides a one-stop hub for active learning, performance tracking and strengthening coaching relationships.  

What do I get?

All of V.J. Trolio, John Tillery, and Tim Yelverton's training techniques in a mobile app you can take with you no matter where you are. Edufii is the learning platform for high performance coaches allowing them to give you 24/7 access to their content. For a small monthly fee you'll gain access to their training videos, best practices and vital knowledge. Providing a comprehensive platform to help you improve.

Why Edufii?

This is your chance to engage with these coaches on a higher level than anywhere else. Maybe you want to take lessons from them but can't and have a bunch of questions you want answered. This is the portal that allows The Coaching Flow Team to meet the flood of requests from every golfer.

I'm sold, how do I get started?!

Just click HERE and sign up to create an account. Then enjoy your FREE Trial with the team before getting locked in at $9.99/month by entering your credit card information once the trial is over. Download the Edufii app for iOS or Android and start learning today!