TennisGate provides a rare and unique combination: International expertise in coaching,  player development and coaching education paired with a world wide leading role in the production of visual tennis media.

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“I have been recommending the TennisGate products within our association for many years due to their practice-oriented and user-friendly approach. As Jürgen Müller and Oliver Heuft have also been involved in training within our association for a long time, the TennisGate content complements our association training guidelines perfectly.” - OTTO DRESSELER, CHAIRMAN OF THE TEACHING COMMITTEE OF THE BADEN TENNIS ASSOCIATION

“I have been integrating TennisGate content into the B coaching program for a long time. The training tips can be instantly understood and are always designed with the needs of top players in mind. The digital TG media is modern and easy to use.” - RAINER OEHLER, ASSOCIATION COACH AND HEAD OF B-COACH TRAINING AT LLZ LEIMEN IN THE BADEN TENNIS ASSOCIATION

Meet Your Coaches

Oliver Heuft

Edgar Giffenig

Juergen Mueller
Coaches Education and Development

For more than twenty five years we have worked nationally and internationally for different tennis federations, served as talent scouts, been immersed in player development from the ground up, been involved in coaches education, coached teams, developed training concepts for clubs and teams, been presenters at several national and international coaches’ conventions and worked with parents and officials on a daily basis.

What's Inside?

Speed Variation Workouts

This will all be copy provided by TennisGate.... 

Strength and Conditioning

Luis' main goal is to improve your overall fitness. He offers unique methods to accomplish this. These strength and conditioning exercises are targeted for athletes in all sports.

Sprinting Technique and Form

These two topics are very important to speed as well as making significant gains in building your overall speed. Luis will include very detailed instruction on how to execute proper running technique and form.

Gym Routines

Want to know how the King of Feet trains in the gym? It's all on the inside with full routines you can use in the gym.

Core Conditioning

Core strength is very important and it can take you to your level of fitness to a whole other level. Core conditioning will improve your posture, give you a more defined look, it will definitely increase your power in the gym or at your sport, and it reduces the risk of injury.

Warm Up and Flexibility

To obtain great health to keep your performance at a high level, it is very important to incorporate a warm up and stretching routine. These should be exercised before and after every training session.


One of the things I don't get to touch on as much as I'd like on Instagram. I will talk nutrition and how it can make us better. 

What is Edufii?

Edufii, a mobile collaboration platform, transforms communications between coaches and athletes. Available for iOS and Android, Edufii is in use in over 110 countries globally and for over 60 sports. 

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