Team Altus' High Performance Coaching lead by Cameron McCormick (2015 PGA Teacher of the Year and longtime coach to Jordan Spieth) mission is simple: help coaches in any sport move from good to great and from great to world class. 

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Cameron McCormick began coaching golf in his home country of Australia in 1998. Moving to the United States in 2000, he brought with him the coaching principles honed under the tutelage of the Victorian Institute of Sport coaches.

McCormick’s client list covers the gamut from beginner to elite players. He is most well known for coaching the #1 ranked player in the world; PGA Tour winner and 2015 Masters and U.S. Open Champion, Jordan Spieth since the age of 12. His clients, past and present, include over 20 combined PGA, Champions, and LPGA Tour players & 4 of the last 7 USGA Junior Amateur champions.

He is a Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher and in 2015 was named the PGA of America Teacher of the Year. 

Corey Lundberg is COO and High Performance Coach at Altus Performance.  He has been recognized as a Best Young Teacher in America by Golf Digest (2014-2017), selected as one of Golf Digest’s Best Teachers in Texas and was named a Top 50 Kids Teachers in the United States. 

As a passionate learner, he continues to pursue educational opportunities with a focus on Motor Learning, Skill Acquisition, and Competitive Player Development.  He has presented seminars on these topics at various education platforms including Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Coach’s Summit and the World Scientific Congress of Golf in St. Andrews, Scotland.  Corey continues to share many of his insights on these topics at his website,, and has been a contributor for Golf Digest Magazine and

Andrew Lewis joins the team as facility director for Altus Performance Institute.

Since becoming a Class A PGA Professional in 2010, Andrew has served as director of instruction at two facilities in the Dallas area, most recently at The Lakes at Castle Hills.

Andrew enjoys coaching players of varying skill – from competitive juniors, nationally ranked amateurs, touring professionals, and club golfers alike. Andrew tailors his coaching style to fit the needs of the player in front of him, not a one size fits all approach. Through the use of skill assessments, statistical analysis, on-course training, and necessary technology, Andrew can help bring lower scores to golfers of all skills levels and make this great game even more enjoyable.



More About Altus

"Altus Performance was created to bring together coaches and athletes who are bound by this shared quest for continuous development and improvement – to constantly raise and elevate performance.

Within our interdisciplinary team of coaches – we value creativity, initiative, and a disruptive spirit that is compelled to innovate and drive the industry forward. We are a group of individuals creating ripples on the terrain of athletic performance. With the collective effort, we turn ripples into mountains, altering the landscape of sport and serving as an agent of change for the better."

- Team Altus

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Unparalleled access to Cameron and his team with the ability to ask questions.


Drills, practice techniques, and detailed analysis breakdowns that he uses with all of his players.


Share what you want to know from Cameron, Corey and Andrew and you will most definitely get all that you are looking for from them.


Behind the scenes with Cameron's Tour Players (eg. US Open and Masters prep), as well as the science behind how Cameron trains & much much more. 


Collaborate and tap into a network of elite coaching with specific skill development drills and practice plans.


This is the only place where you can interact with Team Altus and other coaches to talk anything related to coaching and high performance.


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