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Soccerology is an online coaching platform that gives you access to the best practitioners and coaches from professional soccer. Our mission is simple: provide you with quality information and interaction with those at the top of their game.

Our expert coaches, that you can access exclusively by subscribing come from a host of top EPL, SPFL clubs and have worked with some of the best players and coaches in Europe. 

Soccerology’s exclusive TrainingSpaces, powered by Edufii, allow you to interact with coaches and practitioners who will provide valuable insight into high performance soccer. 

The unique interactive learning environment offers exclusive access to a members only platform that brings together experts from sports science, strength and conditioning, psychology and nutrition along with technical and tactical coaches from clubs across the United Kingdom.

Led by Andrew Wiseman, Soccerology allows sports scientists, strength and conditioning coaches, sports medicine staff, soccer coaches, players and students exclusive access to tips, drills, members only presentations on a mobile platform, powered by Edufii, to gain valuable knowledge from the experts within the game. 

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After adding relevant information via PAYPAL, Soccerology will send you a direct invite to the community powered by Edufii.

Why Join?

What’s Inside?

Unlimited access to experts from professional soccer in areas including exercise physiology, psychology, technical & tactical, injury rehabilitation, biomechanics, nutrition and sports medicine.

Exclusive Content

As a member of the Soccerology community you will have access to presentations, webinars, interactive content, tips, drills, practices, games and much, much more from the experts and from other members. 

Who is it for?

Soccerology is for technical coaches, sports scientists, nutritionists, strength and conditioning professionals, sports medicine practitioners, students and anyone with an interest in increasing human performance in soccer. 


We are here to offer you an exclusive learning and development opportunity on an interactive mobile platform. Edufii allows Andrew and the team of expert’s to give you greater in depth learning and a sense of community by creating the Soccerlogy Team on Edufii. You can easily access the team on any mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

About Andrew Wiseman

Andrew is currently the Lead Strength & Conditioning coach with Celtic FC (Women) and is an integral part of the Sports Science & Medicine team who recently won the Football Medical Association Award for the Best Scottish Sports Science and Medical Team. 

Having played elite level soccer in both the UK & Ireland, along with Andrew’s passion for coaching and sports science he has spent most of his career learning from the very best in the game and has now brought together many of the games experts to form Soccerology. 

Andrew has worked with a wealth of elite players from senior internationals to junior academy players and his coaching philosophy places education at the forefront. He has also been featured regularly in publications across the UK.


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What is Edufii?

Edufii, a dynamic sports and learning technology company, is transforming coaching and the learning journey with the ultimate training portal for athletes, their coaches and their support network. With 24x7 web and mobile access, the Edufii digital platform provides a one-stop hub for active learning, performance tracking and strengthening coaching relationships.  

What do I get?

Soccerology instruction and training techniques in a mobile app you can take with you no matter where you are. Edufii is the learning platform for high performance coaches and programs allowing them to give you 24/7 access to their content. For a small monthly fee you'll gain access to Soccerology. Providing a comprehensive platform to help you improve and get better from everywhere.

I'm sold, how do I get started?!

Just click HERE to start your trial via PAYPAL, once your information is added Soccerology will send you a direct invite to join the community.