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It’s as simple as making Facebook, Twitter or Insta posts. For about one hour per week of your time to post content and connect with your audience you can create a truly scalable mobile subscription based business.

Quick example: 10,000 followers (via email/social) & convert only 10% at $9.95/month = $9,950 per month

The World's Best Already Use Edufii, Now You Can Too

"Edufii is the most important tool a coach can have to extend and enhance your relationship with athletes."

2015 PGA Teacher of the Year and coach to the #1 golfer in the world Jordan Spieth, Cameron McCormick uses Edufii not only to train all of his athletes but to coach coaches from around the globe on High Performance using the new Edufii mobile platform for a monthly subscription fee of $19.99/month.

"With Edufii, I connect with my student-athletes as well as coaches and athletes all over the world to reach our highest performance levels."

22-time collegiate national champion, World Cup Champion and NSCAA Soccer Hall of Fame Head Coach, Anson Dorrance not only uses Edufii with his UNC Women's Soccer team but also shares his coaching wisdom with a global audience of other passionate soccer coaches, for a monthly subscription fee of $4.99/month.

Edufii is transforming the global instruction economy.

Think about it. There are only so many hours in the day.

How many do you spend giving away your content on social media for FREE?

24x7 Accessible, Mobile Instruction is Here to Stay

Take your Instagram, Twitter and email followers to the next level. Connect and Coach via Edufii's game-changing mobile platform allowing you to put a paywall up in front of your content, building a mobile subscription coaching business.


  • DVDs (nobody has a player anyway)
  • YouTube channels (too distracting, too many ads & only video)
  • Member websites (no app, no love)
  • Email newsletters (no one wants to pay for MORE email)
  • 1 off digital downloads (1 time sale and no connection = no leverage)

With Edufii, at zero cost to you:

  • Create as many Premium Subscription TrainingSpaces as you like at any price point
  • Connect and educate your audience with any file type of any length
  • Plug and Play branded sales pages and emails
  • Media Library to store your content for later plus no storage costs
  • Ability to connect 1-many as well as 1-1 with your audience
    • *Receive tech, billing, customer support and unlimited media storage for a small rev share


Your followers want to learn from YOU. Edufii was developed for you to enhance these relationships you’ve earned and monetize your time and content like never before.

Getting started is simple and can take less than 10 minutes - click below to contact us and request access to Edufii's Connected Coaching BETA!

About Edufii

Edufii currently connects the world's best coaches and athletes in over 53 sports across 130 countries empowering them to collaborate more effectively, track progress, & train smarter in less time.

As a featured presenter at SXSW Interactive in March 2016, Edufii is truly disrupting the global instruction economy. Edufii's mobile platform not only empowers iconic coaches and celebrity athletes to connect and educate their audience while creating new revenue streams but now we're opening up this opportunity to a select group of successful social media coaches, teachers and trainers.

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