Our COACH+ premium upgrade is creating a lot of excitement for coaches so far. Since this is something brand new though, we understand you likely have some questions about how it works and what is going to change with your existing account.

Please check out the FAQs below and/or contact us if you still need help.

Once you're ready to upgrade, please return to your email to do so since your offer is directly tied to your account. For bulk pricing, please contact us directly so we can get you all set up. 


Spencer - Edufii Founder & Head Coach

COACH+ Benefits to You

  • Move your business forward faster - more ways to advance your coaching, your business and of course, your athletes. You’ll get exclusive access to our premium portfolio of new features plus the chance to monetize your coaching in new ways

  • LEVEL UP your coaching - COACH+ members gain access to the world’s biggest and most advanced community of coaches globally across all sports. The exclusive LEVEL UP Team includes live interviews with Q&As, webinars, and future live events with high performance coaches and thought leaders - a game-changing experience for all.  


How does it work?

All coaches will still be able to try Edufii for free and create or collaborate in two TrainingSpaces. Upon creating or joining a 3rd TrainingSpace, coaches will be asked to join at the COACH+ level which offers these benefits:

  • As many Individual TrainingSpaces as you want, and the ability to create as many Team TrainingSpaces as you need.

  • Access to the Library, Segments, cloud storage, VIP status customer support for you and your members, invitations to special Q&As and webinars. 

  • Video Analysis (Android & iOS).

  • Membership to exclusive Edufii LEVEL UP Team TrainingSpace, mastermind community of the most successful coaches and high performance thought leaders in all of sport globally.  

  • Special discounts from brands that will enhance your coaching business


What happens if I don't join COACH+ and do I have to join to continue using Edufii?

If you already have more than two TrainingSpaces you will be asked to join COACH+. If the timing isn't right due to being seasonal, injured or just not that busy, we'll essentially put your account on pause or what is called READ ONLY. The last thing we want is for you to lose any data, access to Edufii or even TrainingSpaces. If you’re actively coaching and Edufii is a big part of those relationships, then COACH+ and all it has to offer is perfect for you. You’ll still be able to see everything (even new posts) but won’t be able to actively post/reply or work in TrainingSpaces. We’ll keep “likes” on for you though so you can give them virtual fist bumps if you want to quickly stay in sync.

From there you’ll be able to upgrade anytime you choose to regain full access plus access to any new features we have added at the time. Please know though that your athletes/fans can keep doing their thing without losing their normal powers.


How does the pricing work and is there is a bulk discount for academies etc.?

  • Become a COACH+ member for only $29.99/m after a 5 day FREE trial or lock in your 30% discount on our annual plan of $251.95

  • Bulk pricing is available -  Contact us for more info.


Can you tell me more about the LEVEL UP Team?

Since the beginning of Edufii, our Founder Spencer Dennis has had a vision of connecting the world's best coaches together regardless of the sport/activity in efforts to revolutionize the world of instruction. Now that Edufii is being used by world class coaches in 60 sports across 140 countries, the time has come to bring this aspect of the platform to life. 

Members of COACH+ will be automatically invited to the LEVEL UP Team where they will have access to live interviews, webinars, top shelf content on coaching philosophies and business management plus a whole lot more from best selling authors, Hall of Fame coaches and up and coming thought leaders.


Why COACH+ and what's next?

Our plan has always been to offer premium features so that we can build out the best product possible as well as build a sustainable business. After gaining valuable experience and insight from our members we decided packaging them would be the best approach so you could get the most bang for your buck and not feel "nickle and dimed". Additionally we are always asked about learning opportunities from the world’s best and now with COACH+ you’ll have access to our LEVEL UP Team TrainingSpace. COACH+ now gives us the opportunity to focus on building out the best high performance and business management platform the world has ever seen.



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