Welcome to COACH+! You've just joined other world class coaches from all sports around the world on the cutting edge of mobile technology and high performance coaching. 

As promised, as a Founding Member you'll soon receive an invite to our LEVEL UP Team led by Edufii's Founder & Head Coach Spencer Dennis. Look for your exclusive invitation over the next couple of weeks via email.

COACH+ Benefits to You

  • Move your business forward faster - more ways to advance your coaching, your business and of course, your athletes. You’ll get exclusive access to our premium portfolio of new features plus the chance to monetize your coaching in new ways

  • LEVEL UP your coaching - COACH+ members gain access to the world’s biggest and most advanced community of coaches globally across all sports. The exclusive LEVEL UP Team includes live interviews with Q&As, webinars, and future live events with high performance coaches and thought leaders - a game-changing experience for all.  

How does it work?

All coaches will still be able to try Edufii for free and create or collaborate in two TrainingSpaces. Upon creating or joining a 3rd TrainingSpace, coaches will be asked to join at the COACH+ level which offers these benefits:

  • As many Individual TrainingSpaces as you want, and the ability to create as many Team TrainingSpaces as you need.

  • Access to the Library, Segments, cloud storage, VIP status customer support for you and your members, invitations to special Q&As and webinars. 

  • Soon to launch premium features including: Video Analysis (Android version upgrades & iOS coming soon; web in the works). Post Control, Subscription Coaching 1 to 1, API integrations with your favorite technologies, and more.

  • Membership to exclusive Edufii LEVEL UP Team TrainingSpace, mastermind community of the most successful coaches and high performance thought leaders in all of sport globally.  

  • Ability to turn on paywall “ConnectedCoaching” feature and charge your own monthly fee for your Team TrainingSpace (keeping 70% of that revenue, while we provide support for your members).


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