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"Our mission is to bring opportunities to athletes allowing their athletic, intellectual and human potential to be reached. And most of all helping athletes dreams come true." 

- Chris Vidal, Founder


Join the Athletes USA community now for just $4.95/month after a 5 day FREE Trial. If you want to interact with the Athletes USA staff and others who use the Athletes USA platform this is the place to be to get all of the info you can handle. Join Now!


Why Join?

The Athletes USA Community is your chance to go to work with top professionals in helping you get to the next level in your athletic and academic career. It’s the only place where you can progress step-by-step alongside other athletes, with the professionals at Athletes USA that you know and trust. Share videos of your self to be analyzed, ask questions and access our content from any computer, cell phone or tablet you own to help you learn. In this Community you'll have unparalleled direct access to the Athletes USA Team; it’s the space where you get to learn, grow, and share what it takes - EVERY SINGLE DAY.


"A perfect team to be a part of. Everyone is supportive and helpful." 

– Joe T., Football

"Athletes USA has been the sole source of my recruitment and ability to showcase my skills without going all over the country. Two months ago, I would not have had the interest that I do today from college coaches. Athletes USA has a deep passion and a great understanding of what it takes to get to the next level academically and athletically and I wouldn't be where I am today without them. 

– Mike S., Golf

About Athletes USA

Athletes USA was founded in 2008 to help student athletes and their families to connect to college coaches within the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA. The college recruiting process is very competitive, and often confusing for many athletes. Our team of former college athletes, coaches and scouts and our network of 20,000+ American college coaches allows our team to market student athletes to some of the world’s best known universities.

Athlete USA's success rate and reputation for customer satisfaction has not gone unnoticed, in 2009 we were selected by the Commonwealth Secretariat to represent the Commonwealth Community, receiving platinum recognition status. Through this partnership only Athletes USA helps deliver athletic scholarships to over 54 countries globally.

Athlete USA's expert team advises over 50 sport bodies, which include National Olympic Committees, NGO’s, International & National Sport Federations and Education and Sport Ministries.


What's Inside?


Unparalleled access to the Athletes USA Team, as well as the athletes and parents all seeking the same goals.


Get everything Athletes USA in a one stop shop. Updates on everything going on in our world and what you can do to keep up with the times.


Share what you want to know from our staff regarding school or athletics and you will most definitely get all that you are looking for.


The bridge between joining Athletes USA and using the platform to it's fullest extent to help you get to where you want to go.


Watch and Listen to videos, voice memos, and any other media on how to best set yourself up for success and what you can do to improve. 


This is the only place where you can interact with the staff and other athletes/parents to talk anything related to getting recruited, or what you can do to help get you to the next level.


We are here to offer you all things Athletes USA on an interactive mobile platform. Edufii allows us to give more in depth learning and a bigger sense of community by creating the Athletes USA team on Edufii. You can easily access this team on any mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Why Edufii...


What is Edufii?

Edufii, a dynamic sports and learning technology company, is transforming coaching and the learning journey with the ultimate training portal for athletes, their coaches and their support network. With 24x7 web and mobile access, the Edufii digital platform provides a one-stop hub for active learning, performance tracking and strengthening coaching relationships.  

What do I get?

Athletes USA professional help and all of the best practices to be successful in a mobile app you can take with you no matter where you are. Edufii is the learning platform for high performance athletes and coaches allowing them to give you 24/7 access to their content. For a small monthly fee you'll gain access to Athlete's videos, best practices, and everything they have to offer providing a comprehensive platform to help you improve.

Why Edufii?

This is your chance to engage with the Athlete's USA Team on a higher level than anywhere else. Maybe you have an account but have a bunch of questions you want answered. This is the portal that allows Athlete's USA to meet the flood of requests from athletes/parents everywhere.

I'm sold, how do I get started?!

Just click HERE and sign up to create an account. Then enter your credit card information and join the Team to start your FREE trial. Download the Edufii app for iOS or Android and start learning more from Athletes USA today!