WHY Now? WHY Edufii?


David and his team are excited to announce that they have teamed up to provide a single trusted access point to world-class education on all aspects of the game. Get personal access to not only David's practices and philosophies, but also connection to David and his team. “Our goal is to make golf instruction simpler and Edufii is a key player in enabling us to do that."

-David Leadbetter

Join the A-Swing All Access community now for just $9.95/month after a 3 day FREE no credit card Trial. If your goal is to make the most of your skills or perfecting the A-Swing plus get unparalleled access to the experts this is for you. Join Now!


Why Join?

David is the most recognized golf instructor in the history of the game. His new book, The A Swing, is his first for a decade and is an evolution of his swing theories that have successfully helped thousands of golfers globally. His tour players, whom he has coached over the years, have amassed 19 major golf championships. David has been prolific during his 30+ year career in producing books, videos, teaching aids that have inspired golfers of every level to reach their potential.

What's Inside?


Unparalleled access to David and his team, as well as other coaches and players in David's world.


Tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes content from David not available to the public.


Share what you want to know and get exclusive content and help to get your A-Swing dialed-in, and get you playing your best golf.


Behind-the-scenes interviews and tips from top PGA and LPGA Tour players at the Academy.


The ability to upload your swing videos, photos, and data and receive swing analysis from David Leadbetter and his team of Certified Instructors and Specialists.


This is the only place where you can interact with the LGA staff and other coaches/players to talk anything related the A-Swing or Golf.


We are here to offer you all things David Leadbetter on an interactive mobile platform. Edufii allows us to give more in depth learning and a bigger sense of community by creating the A-Swing All Access team on Edufii. You can easily access this team on any mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Why Edufii...


What is Edufii?

Edufii, a dynamic sports and learning technology company, is transforming coaching and the learning journey with the ultimate training portal for athletes, their coaches and their support network. With 24x7 web and mobile access, the Edufii digital platform provides a one-stop hub for active learning, performance tracking and strengthening coaching relationships.  

What do I get?

Access to David Leadbetter and his world of coaches to help you be successful in a mobile app you can take with you no matter where you are. Edufii is the learning platform for high performance athletes and coaches allowing them to give you 24/7 access to their content. For a small monthly fee you'll gain access to videos, best practices, and everything David has to offer providing a comprehensive platform to help you improve on and off the course.

Why Edufii?

This is your chance to engage with the David and his world on a higher level than anywhere else. Maybe you have purchased the A-Swing book but have a bunch of questions you want answered. This is the portal that allows David and his coaches to meet the flood of requests from top level coaches to average players everywhere.

I'm sold, how do I get started?!

Just click HERE and sign up to create an account and join the Team to start your FREE trial. Download the Edufii app for iOS or Android and start learning more from the A-Swing All Access Team today!